A new piece of wood needs to be installed.                     Looks clean, ready for the new membrane.                      And there it is nice white and brand new.

New project, roof problems who are very common, average life span for a roof is around 10 years.

Well looks like the inside got it too.

A new project, hit a tree branch.

Pressure wash roof, put on a primer, and coat with liquid rubber.

Missing caps will cause leaking.

And the final result after coating the roof.

Getting there.


Some serious damage.

Cracked seams will let the water in.

Water blasted the roof.

Keep coming back, I will post more pictures of projects from start to finish.

Thank God for insurance.

Hmmm looks worse then I thought.

The brush work is done, ready for the roller.

Nice the wall has to be replaced as well.

Don't look all that bad.


   Removing all vents & the membrane.                                         Membrane removed.                                                     Will this need some TLC.